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TreeZone specialises in the pruning and removal of trees in technical situations.
It is a common misconception that complex or large removals require the use of big cranes, diggers and/or mechanical devices which incur high costs. Whilst this is sometimes the case, TreeZone has concentrated on developing a low impact and more economical alternative.

Delicate environments such as a gardens, buildings or walkways can be preserved by safely and efficiently controlling all limbs using abseiling techniques, ropes, equipment and over 15 years of combined experience.

Trees come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and different species of trees require different types of care. At TreeZone we have the knowledge and experience to be able to tailor our service to achieve the most from your trees.
We cover all aspects of tree care from planting, pruning, thinning, crown reduction, maintenance, trimming for views and removals.


TreeZone offer a range of services to businesses both big and small, ranging from Large Government or Council contracts to Golf Clubs, Office Parks, Kindergartens and Supermarkets. We can provide a more pleasant and safe environment and improve lighting and security for your business area. We welcome the chance to tender for ongoing maintenance contracts or provide service for individual projects.

Tree Planting
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TreeZone also has the skills, experience and equipment to provide a range of tree planting services. Over the past three years we have completed a planting programme set out by the Auckland City Council involving the planting of over 1200 semi mature trees in Auckland’s parks and streets.

We can handle all aspects from species selection to ongoing tree maintenance.

Call us today to discuss the options 0800 99 66 06


TreeZone also provide a range of tree services to the general public for your entire tree needs. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and a high percentage of our work is repeat custom or personal referrals from satisfied customers. If you have any problems with your trees, please click on the link for a quote or call us for a free, no obligation quotation.


Rental Property Services
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End to End Management from anywhere in the World

TreeZone offer Peace of Mind Management for the tree and hedge requirements of your rental properties and assets. From major tree works through to ongoing maintenance programmes and hedge trimming, we offer the complete package to allow you to remotely upkeep your property. Save yourself weekend work or the hassle of organising multiple trades people with TreeZone’s competitive prices and efficient service.

Simply email or phone your request through and we will provide a free quotation and call you to discuss the specifics. These details will then be sent through by email or mail for approval.

We can liaise directly with the tenants or your property manager to organise times for quotes and for work to be completed that suit all parties. We can even organise for firewood or mulch to be left on site if you or your tenants could make use of it.

If you tree work requires Council Consent we can organise the whole process for you, and send through any documents to you for your signature. We can write reports and liaise directly with the Council Arborists should any questions or queries arise.

Works will be carried out in a professional manner and the site left clean and tidy upon completion. Digital photos of the job and the overall effect on the property will be sent through with the invoice for your inspection.

Payment details are included on the invoice for internet banking, making the whole process easy to complete from anywhere in the world.

In addition, any property which requires ongoing maintenance qualifies for our ‘Reward Zone’ offer of 10% off any works booked within 1 Year of previous work by TreeZone Ltd. If you own multiple properties this Reward is transferable between properties.

Call or email us today to get a quote for your rental 0800 99 66 06

Arboricultural Service descriptions

Crown reduction is a method of reducing the size of a tree while retaining its natural shape and aesthetic appeal. This is the best solution if a tree has become too large, but you wish to keep it. This technique is more labour intensive and highly skilled than simply topping the tree as some of our competitors do, but is much better for the long term health of the tree, and actually works out cheaper in the long run.


Contact us if you’re having any of these problems with trees on your property:

  • The tree has become too large, but you wish to keep it.
  • Roof or guttering is regularly blocked by falling leaves
  • Neighbours have an issue with overhanging branches or shading
  • Blocking too much light on your property

Crown thinning and/or lifting is the selective removal of branches and foliage to allow more light through and to ensure the health of the tree by removing crossing limbs and weak or included branch unions. This in turn allows a much safer area for children to play and adds value to your property with extra light and well maintained trees. Thinning and/or lifting the crown will eliminate

  • Excessive shade which causes a dark, damp living environment, or a suppressed garden
  • Dead and dangerous branches
  • Blocked or compromised views

Tree removal is sometimes the only solution, and TreeZone have the techniques, skills and equipment to ensure safe, efficient and damage-free removal of trees of any size.

Rope work....the low impact approach

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It is a common misconception that complex or large removals require the use of big cranes, diggers and/or mechanical devices which incur high costs. Whilst this is sometimes the case, TreeZone has concentrated on developing a low impact and more economical alternative.

Learning from industry experience both in the UK and New Zealand, TreeZone has invested in specialised ropes, rigging devices, shackles, pulleys, blocks and winches. This allows us to complete all but the most awkward of jobs manually and safely with minimal impact on the surrounding area and at a reduced cost to you.

Large limbs and trunk sections can be lowered down with finger tip control over houses, fences and gardens, and entire trees ‘pieced down’ using proven Arboricultural rigging techniques. Due to our experience in this field we can tackle jobs that other companies simply cannot access with their machinery.

When you are considering a large removal or prune please feel free to get a quote from our competitors and then get one from us - I think you will pleased with the difference.

Contact us if you’re having any of these problems with trees on your property:

  • Storm damage or structural issues
  • Dead or dying tree
  • Blocking construction or renovation site
  • Inappropriate or poisonous species
  • The tree has outgrown its available space
  • Allergies and hay fever
  • Root growth causing damage to building structures, paths and driveways

Other Services TreeZone offers

Council consent applications

Where the work is of such a nature that it requires Council Consent we will organise this for you by filling in the necessary forms and giving the council the required information - all you need to do is sign it and forward it on to the council. This service is FREE, however should you require a further report for the council or further time spent on the consent process a fee will be charged. This will be advised before any further work is done.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding will be carried out by an experienced stump grinder, which TreeZone can supply to provide service of a prompt and high standard.

Free quotations

We have experience with a range of situations, from the small and straightforward to the large, highly technical jobs and are able to safely assess any situation and give a free no obligation quote.