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TreeZone Director/Arborist

Because I own the business, I care about how every job is done, and I know that satisfied clients are the best way to grow the business!

Tui Minogue - BSc

Tui is an accomplished arborist with more than ten years industry experience, and has qualifications in the forestry and silvicultural industry and arboricultural fields. He has worked both in New Zealand and in the UK. Tui is a talented climber and abseiler and enjoys the technical aspects of the job and the challenge of getting the most out of a tree for the client. Tui has a sound knowledge of tree species, habit and structure to help give a complete consultancy service. Tui has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Auckland majoring in Geology and Geography, skills he often calls upon.

Tui and his team of arborists are constantly striving to provide the best quality service using the most advanced skills. They upskill themselves by taking regular training courses with FITEC and HITO.

Tui is also a HITO Workplace Assessor, assuring that his crew are updated with the latest knowledge and safety requirements.

  • TreeZone will provide a highly competitive service in all aspects of tree care and client service standards that are second to none.
  • TreeZone will ensure the health and safety of our personnel.
  • TreeZone will deliver service that exceeds the customerís expectations.
  • TreeZone will provide sound advice and a responsive, reliable and efficient service within a stated time frame.
  • TreeZone will build long-term client relationships by keeping clients well informed of progress on the job and treating them with respect, trust and understanding.
Fully Insured

TreeZone has comprehensive insurance, covering all public liability issues to protect you and your property as well as the health and well being of TreeZone staff.

Safety first

All works will be carried out in accordance with arboricultural codes of practice and guidelines, with safety being of paramount importance. The site will be cordoned off with cones, safety tape and signage to prevent unauthorised persons entering without permission. Where necessary limbs and sections of the stems will be controlled and lowered with specialised lowering devices to avoid damage to underlying structures and or services.

Where work is to be carried out in proximity to power lines all tools will be insulated and the proper authorities will be notified in advance of the work to be carried out and again upon completion of the job. Care will be taken to avoid any damage to trees, vegetation or turf which is to be retained and especially any of the building structures or services during the removal works.


We pride ourselves on being considerate contractors, and where possible neighbours will be notified of works to be carried out well in advance. Works will proceed at appropriate times of day to prevent unnecessary disturbance.

All wood and foliage will be removed from site unless client requests firewood/chip to be left on the premises for personal use.